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Your Content Websites is a website belonging to Inteltab Media, an independent Internet publishing group. We are registered with the Data Protection Registrar of England and Wales (licence number Z1620707) and we operate under the auspices of the Data Protection Act. Our Privacy Policy provides comprehensive information about what we do with any data collected on our websites. We are also registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies where appropriate under law.


Details of this, and specific details of our accreditation, are given on those websites which pertain to the legal and consumer obligations and provisions under the relevant laws in relation to that website and business sector. For example, websites which have a bias towards consumer credit would imply that such sites would come under the auspices of the Consumer Credit Act. We have our own Consumer Credit Licence. In some cases, in particular where a highly specialised sector is being featured, we would carry details of our clients' accreditation as well.

Brief structure of this website: Our Home page will provide general information about what the site is about, and in most circumstances any data which may be collected is to be found there. Our contact details can be found on our Contact page and also on our Help page. We are governed by the laws of England & Wales, by the laws of the United Kingdom where statute so provides, and under European and International laws where stated.













































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